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7 Fun Ways to Interact with Your Babbling Baby

Starting at about two months, babies begin simple cooing and babbling. In between gurgles and drool, it’s as if all of a sudden, baby has something to say besides “waah!” – and it’s a wonderful time for new parents. A cooing, babbling baby is telling you that she is ready to begin communicating with those around her, in her own adorable way. Babble Away, Baby!Help encourage baby to coo and babble to her heart’s content – and engage in important social and language development – by trying these fun ways to interact with your babbling baby!photo credit: DavidShutter via flickrMimic baby's soundsBabies love to make such a range of sounds once they discover cooing,baby clothes, and they love to see how excited you get when they make them! Encourage baby to keep doing what she’s cooing by mimicking her oohs and ahhs back at her. photo credit: mynameisharsha via photopin Talk to baby throughout the dayAt about 6 months, baby’s babbles go from cooing and gooing to syllables such as ma, ba, and da. Recent research suggests this is because babies actually engage in lip-reading; they’re not just staring at your face – they’re actually watching the way your lips move to produce different sounds! Baby learns how to talk by watching and listening to you.photo credit: Rachel GreeneRead to babyWhile talking to baby helps him learn how to create and form similar sounds, reading to baby actually helps build his cognitive comprehension of the world around him. By reading to baby,baby shoes, experts say, you’re helping to teach him to associate physical objects with pictures: “making the cognitive link between 2D and 3D.”photo credit: devinf via flickrLearn more about the cognitive advantages of reading to baby.Sing to babyBelieve it or not, all those silly sing-song nursery rhymes can have a profound impact on baby’s language development. It doesn’t matter if you can carry a tune or not: the act of presenting language in a manner other than speaking can help boost baby’s brain power.photo credit: lindsayshaver via flickrTry teaching baby signsTake the guesswork out of baby’s babbles by teaching your little one some simple baby signs. According to research from the National Institutes of Health, babies who were taught signs showed more advanced language skills than their non-signing peers.photo credit: abbybatchelder via flickrLearn more about baby signing.Record those baby babbles for posterity!While you think you can’t wait until baby starts saying his or her first words, there’s something truly magical about the cooing and babbling phase of infancy. Make sure you capture these special oohs and ahhs on film while you still can! Besides… they’ll be fun to play for baby’s first prom date years and years from now!photo credit: Magnet67 via photopinRead about why I love Instagram for baby videos.





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All the Colors of the Disney Baby Rainbow

There is no doubt that the baby items Disney Baby creates are full of fun and color for little ones, so I thought it would be fun to put together a round-up of some of my favorites to represent all the colors of the rainbow…just in time for spring! Red,baby shoes, orange, yellow,baby bedding, green, blue and purple are all present!All the Colors of the Disney Baby RainbowDisney Baby has a little something for everyone in every shade under the rainbow!RedThis little jacket is just the cutest! Perfect for those rainy spring days ahead. Purchase for $20.96 from the Disney StoreOrangeCozy little slippers to keep tiny baby feet warm in a shade of orange that is Tigger’s signature. Purchase for $6.65 from the Disney StoreYellowThis Lion King cuddly bodysuit is a great gift for a little boy or girl and who doesn’t love little ears on a baby? Purchase for $13.65 from the Disney StoreBlueYou can’t go wrong with classic Mickey Mouse in a cool shade of vintage blue. Purchase for $10.46 from the Disney StorePurpleAnd for the Little Mermaid lover, these purple PJs would be a hit! Purchase for $9.99 from the Disney Store





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